Simple Ways to Eat Well on a Tight Budget

The average retirement income depends on where funds are coming from.
The average for couples with Social Security, pensions, and some form of retirement savings had a median income of just over $37,000. That’s not a lot of money when you consider how many older adults have at least one chronic health condition requiring prescription medications.

Your parents often have a hard time deciding between medications, healthcare costs, utilities, and groceries. They need to pay closer attention to their grocery budget. How do they eat well without overspending?


Senior Care in Sacramento CA: Eat Well on a Tight Budget

Senior Care in Sacramento CA: Eat Well on a Tight Budget


Aim for Dry Beans

Focus on dry beans as a main protein source. They’re packed with protein and fiber. Plus, a pound bag of dried beans is often at $1 to $2. Soak them overnight and cook them in a slow cooker for the day.

When they’re tender, you can drain and freeze them for use in soups, chili, salads, and beans and rice. If you’re making baked beans, soak them and cook them with some maple syrup or brown sugar, mustard, and chopped onion. Salt pork may be too salty for your parents, but you could use uncured bacon instead.


Shop in Liquidation Stores

If there is a liquidation store nearby, buy things like canned goods and packaged grains. Canned goods will be a fraction of the price and are often dented, which makes them hard to sell in stores. As long as the dent is minor and didn’t rupture the can, it’s safe to consume that item.

You might find some of the cans are restaurant-size. Don’t discount them as being too large for your parents’ needs. You could take a restaurant-sized can of crushed tomatoes and make homemade pasta sauce to put in the freezer until needed.


Grow Vegetables

It may be too late in the season to start this year, but consider adding gardening to your parents’ activities next year. They’ll save a lot of money on fresh produce. Any excess produce can go into the freezer after blanching it.

If they don’t have the room in their yard, planter pot gardening is a good alternative. In large planters, you can grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, greens, and herbs. Large planters are good for root crops, too.


Make the Most of Things You Buy

If your parents bought a roast chicken that was on sale, use the bones to make homemade stock. Frozen turkeys often go on sale for Thanksgiving. Buy an extra and roast it to have meat for several meals. The day after Thanksgiving, many stores drop the price on unsold turkeys to clear freezer space.

Your parents may have a hard time reading labels, making wise choices when shopping for groceries, or cooking meals. That doesn’t mean they should struggle for healthy meal options. Senior care can help.

Arrange to have caregivers take them shopping or do the shopping for them. Senior care services help with groceries, but it also helps with meal preparation, kitchen clean-up, and shopping lists. Talk to a senior care representative to learn more.


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