Five Reasons Seniors Need Stronger Muscles

Senior Care Rocklin

Senior Care Rocklin

Any time your elderly family member considers a new exercise plan, she should talk with her doctor. That helps to ensure that her movements are safe for her to do in her current health. One of your senior’s exercise goals, once she’s cleared to exercise, should be improving her muscle strength. Here’s why that’s an important goal for aging adults to have.

Her Muscles Support Her Joints

If your elderly family member has any issues at all with joint pain, the muscles around those joints must be strong and supportive. That helps to ensure that even if the joints deteriorate further, they’re not entirely on their own. Work with your senior’s doctor to determine what exercise is best for her joint issues.

Muscles Assist with Balance

Muscles do more than support your aging family member’s joints, however. They also help her to maintain her balance. If your aging family member hasn’t been physically active in a while, her muscles must relearn how to support her body as she stands and walks. Building up those muscles makes it easier for them to handle that crucial task.

Exercise That Builds Muscles Keeps Bones Strong, Too

Is your elderly family member facing osteoporosis? If so, her bones can get stronger through exercise, too. Her doctor may have recommended weight-bearing exercises, like walking. These exercises work her muscles and weight to her bones, which is how bones become stronger. This type of exercise can help to slow down the progression of osteoporosis for your elderly family member.

Being Stronger Helps to Reduce Fall Risk

Falls are a significant health issue for seniors, so doing everything she can to avoid a fall is number one on your elderly family member’s priority list. Senior care providers can help by reducing other types of fall risks, like clutter, but exercise is a massive piece of the plan, too. Reminding her to exercise is something else that senior care providers can do to help your senior.

Being Stronger Helps Her Self-esteem, Too

When your elderly family member is stronger, your senior feels that in all areas of her life. She may have believed that she is frail and weak for many years. But even a tiny amount of exercise done consistently can help your senior to become stronger. When that happens, your senior’s self-esteem can grow quite a bit. Whereas she might have needed a lot more help from senior care providers, she may find that exercise enables her to regain some of her independence. That can be a tremendous feeling for your elderly family member to experience.

Keeping your elderly family member as happy and as healthy as possible is your major goal as her family caregiver. When you can do so simply by helping her find movement that she loves to do consistently, that’s rewarding for you as well.

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