Senior Care Tips: What Do You Do If Your Mom Can No Longer Drive?

Senior Care Tips: When was your mom’s last eye exam?

August is a great time to get her caught up as it’s National Eye Exam Month. If her eye doctor finds her eye health is deteriorating, she’ll likely be told to stop driving or take other precautions. What do you do now? Use the senior care tips below to find out.


Senior Care Tips: Driving

Senior Care Tips: Driving


Look Into Alternatives

Before pushing your mom into handing over her keys, find out why her eye doctor recommends she stop driving. If she has an eye condition like cataracts developing, she may be okay driving in bright lighting, but she has to stop driving before and after the sun rises or sets.

Would a car with other safety features help her drive safely? Would her doctor feel it’s safe for her to drive if she had blind-spot warning, braking assistance, and lane departure sensors?

Discuss the Importance of Taking Away the Keys

This is one of the hardest conversations to have with your mom. You need to talk to her about the importance of handing over her keys. She may resist it, but you need to stay firm and explain to her that she puts herself and others at risk if she drives.

Make sure you include her other options. Giving up the ability to drive doesn’t mean she has to stay at home. She can still see her friends, go to the local park, and visit area services like the local library. She just needs someone to drive her on those outings.

Enlist Others to Help if Necessary

You may need to enlist the help of others. If your mom refuses to listen to you, arrange to have one of her dearest friends or her doctor talk to her. Take her to the DMV for a driving assessment. If she can’t pass the driving exam, she may have to face facts and hand over her keys.

Be Prepared to Be Sneaky

You may have to become sneaky. You don’t want to lie, but sometimes, you have to take drastic measures. Hide your mom’s keys. If she needs to go out and can’t find her keys, she’ll have to rely on someone else to drive her.

Senior Care Tips: Hire Senior Care at Home for Driving Services

Stop risking your mom’s safety. If she wants to go out but isn’t supposed to drive, it’s time to consider companion care at home. With caregivers available to drive her around town, your mom still goes out when she wants, but she’s not the one behind the wheel. Follow the senior care tips above and call to arrange companion care at home today.


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