Senior Health: 4 Questions About Alzheimer’s That Families Hesitate to Ask

Senior Health: Your mom is one of the estimated 6.2 million American’s with Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s a tough diagnosis to hear. It’s even harder to ask certain questions. These are some of the questions that families often hesitate to ask their doctors and senior health care providers.


Senior Health: Alzheimer's

Senior Health: Alzheimer’s


Could You Get Alzheimer’s?

Watching a parent go through the stages of Alzheimer’s is rough emotionally. You’re going to wonder if you’re at risk. You hear that Alzheimer’s can run in families, and that worries you. You don’t want to turn the focus away from your mom, though.

It’s normal to wonder what your risk is, and it doesn’t mean you’re more concerned about yourself than your mom. Attend appointments with her.

Memory care specialists often give you the chance to talk about your mom’s symptoms and behaviors when she’s not in the room. That’s a great time to ask about what you can do to lower the risk.

Will Your Mom Become Incontinent?

People are not comfortable with incontinence, especially when it’s a parent. As brain health declines, a person will become incontinent. Your mom may wet herself or lose bowel control. It’s all part of the disease progression.

It’s okay to admit that you’re not able to help with incontinence. If the idea of changing your mom’s
adult diaper is too stressful, home care services can help. Home care aides can clean her up after she goes to the bathroom.

What If the Care She Needs Is Too Much?

Are you prepared to help your mom with the things that she needs? In the early stages of the disease, her needs are minimal. She needs you to drive her to the stores. She may need help getting to and from her appointments.

As the disease progresses, she’ll need someone to cook her meals. She’s going to need redirecting when she’s agitated. Plus, she will need someone to remind her to take daily prescription medications and help her manage her money.

There will be days when she’s anxious, angry, and aggressive. She may lash out at you. Sometimes, Alzheimer’s can even cause a person to lean towards violence with hitting, punching, kicking, and slapping. All of this is hard to adjust to as a family caregiver.

Senior Health: What Do You Do When It’s Too Much?

What do you do if it’s becoming too much? You cannot keep helping your mom. It’s draining you. This is when you need to talk to a senior home care agency about respite care services.

Senior health care providers can help you take care of a parent with Alzheimer’s. It’s not an easy disease to manage on your own, and there’s no shame in admitting that. Call a senior home care specialist to schedule the services your family needs.

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