Senior Health: Can Inadequate Nutrition Affect a Seniors Mood?

Senior Health: Many seniors may want to loosen up on their diet and be relaxed with nutrition.

However, food can cause mood swings. Diet is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is not something that should be slacking as an older adult. Senior home care can help older adults stay on a healthy eating routine and even meal prep for them. This can help ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition and their senior health is top notch.


Homecare in Marysville CA: Inadequate Nutrition

Homecare in Marysville CA: Inadequate Nutrition


Eating a well-balanced diet is essential, but it doesn’t mean that a senior can’t have tasty treats.

Things like overnight oats with almonds provide fiber and protein while also delicious. Other things like morning fruit smoothies can be just as tasty. Food and nutrition can affect mood, and it is something you and the senior home care provider should focus on.

Doctors may ask a senior to eat a particular diet or avoid food that may interact with medications. Unhealthy eating habits can drastically impact mood changes, and it can be hard for someone else to understand. It is important to eat regularly and on a routine. Keep reading to find out how exactly unhealthy eating habits can alter moods.

How Unhealthy Eating Alters a Seniors Mood

Not eating foods or eating too many foods can affect things like blood sugar which may give a senior physical uneasiness or dizziness. However, there are tons of other ways diet can influence someone’s mood and behavior. Typically, when we think of mood changes and nutrition we think of “hanger” or hungry and angry but there are so many things that can be affected. Here is what else that can happen when you have unhealthy eating habits.


Skipping Meals

This is one of the ways that can lower your blood sugar and make a senior feel weak and super fatigued. Home care should help keep an eating routine to avoid this. Eating regularly can help keep blood sugar levels stable.


Senior Health: Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

Seniors should be eating well-rounded meals and not cutting out any food groups. When a senior starts cutting out full food groups they risk deficiencies that can be hard to get in other ways. They could lack vitamins like magnesium, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, all of these are important to consume through foods.

Senior Health: Eating too Many Carbs

Not all carbs are equal. Some carbs that come from vegetables are great sources of fuel that help the body stay energized throughout the day. On the other hand, eating too many refined carbs can cause blood sugar to rise and fall in a matter of minutes which can dramatically impact mood and physical changes. Too many refined carbs can also cause weight gain that can be unhealthy. Home care should provide healthy and well-rounded meals.

Diet may also impact the mental health of a senior though more research is needed to find out more. Home care is one of the best ways to keep senior health a priority.


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