Five Big Risks at Home for Aging Adults

Senior Home Care in Roseville CA

Senior Home Care in Roseville CA

Older adults face some big safety risks at home. As they age, those risks might loom even larger than they did in the past. Identifying these risks and putting a plan in place for dealing with them in advance is a big part of being a family caregiver. The good news is that senior home care can help with these concerns.


One of the biggest risks for seniors is falling. Falls can result in some serious injuries like broken bones, head injuries, and soft tissue injuries. Health issues can make falls an even bigger concern for aging adults. Previous falls can be a big sign that seniors are at risk of another fall. Elder care providers can help seniors watch for issues like poor lighting, clutter, and tripping hazards.

Medication Side Effects

Medications all have side effects, but they can vary depending on a wide range of factors, even from one day to another. Many seniors experience side effects from medication that include dizziness, drowsiness, and other similar symptoms. It can be difficult sometimes for seniors to realize how medication side effects are impacting their daily lives. Having home care providers there to help monitor can help seniors avoid injury due to medication side effects.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are a concern for people of all ages, but for seniors who may have mobility issues or cognitive impairments, fire hazards are an even bigger risk. Common fire hazards can include electrical wiring, overloaded power outlets, and candles left unattended. Working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a plan for emergencies are all helpful to put into place to protect seniors. It also helps a lot to know that seniors have elder care providers visiting to make sure they’re safe.

Social Isolation

Spending too much time alone can lead to social isolation and loneliness for seniors. Social isolation then contributes to cognitive decline and reduced quality of life overall. No one wants that for the people that they love. It can be difficult for seniors to get the social interaction that they need on their own, especially if family caregivers can’t be there as much as they want to be. Mobility concerns, cognitive changes, and other constraints all play a role as well. Home care providers offer companionship while they also help with other needs.

Lack of Nutrition

When seniors aren’t eating enough or are eating foods that don’t support their nutritional needs, they can experience issues like dehydration, malnutrition, and worsening health issues. There are tons of reasons seniors aren’t eating properly, including not having enough energy to shop for healthy foods and then prepare those meals. Senior home care professionals can help aging adults to get the help they need to improve their daily diet.

Helping seniors to avoid some of the biggest risks that they face as they grow older is easier when family caregivers understand what those risks are. Senior home care providers can help family caregivers and aging adults even more, offering assistance with all sorts of daily tasks that may be more difficult now than they ever were before.


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