Senior Home Care Tips to Fight Medication Weight Gain

Medication Weight Gain: Senior Home Care Lincoln CA

Medication Weight Gain: Senior Home Care Lincoln CA

One of the problems that seniors face in the struggle to maintain a healthy weight is what to do when the medications they take cause weight gain. Not all medications cause weight gain, but some can. Even if that weight gain is slight a few extra pounds, it can make a big difference when it comes to a senior’s health. But with the help of options like senior home care, there are some things that seniors can do to fight that weight gain and maintain a healthy weight.

Some medications are well-known for adding extra pounds like prednisone. Prednisone is a commonly prescribed steroid that is often given to seniors with respiratory issues to help them breathe. Some steroids similar to prednisone can also cause significant weight gain, especially with long-term use. Medications for conditions like depression and anxiety can also cause weight gain.

Add An Extra Walk Daily

More movement is one way that seniors can counteract the effects of medications that cause weight gain. By adding one extra 15-30 minute walk per day seniors can dramatically improve their health and help keep those extra pounds at bay.

Just walking around the block or walking to the park and back can be a nice break during the day. Seniors who already are pretty fit can also add an extra mile to their existing walk or try a workout class like a water aerobics class.

Cut Portion Sizes

Seniors who don’t want to make any changes to their exercise regimen or to their existing diet can try cutting their portion size so that they are eating fewer calories. Just getting out a fourth of a normal portion of the foods that they are already eating can cut enough calories from a senior’s diet to aid in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. When portion sizes are cut seniors can still eat exactly what they want to eat and they don’t have to give up any of the foods they really enjoy.

Eat More Vegetables

According to experts, the best diet for seniors is one that is mostly vegetables with the addition of some lean proteins like chicken or turkey. Replacing chips and pasta and rice with vegetables like riced cauliflower will help seniors stave off those extra pounds without making them feel like they are going hungry or restricting their diet so much it’s uncomfortable.

Eat Less Processed Food

Processed foods are generally unhealthy for seniors. They typically contain a lot of sodium and preservatives. They can also contain extra calories and elements that can lead to extra pounds like sugar substitutes. Seniors who eat fewer processed foods will notice a big difference in their health. If your senior parent has trouble cooking so they rely on processed foods try senior home care.

With senior home care seniors get the extra assistance they need to cook healthy meals, clean up after those meals, and make their health a priority.

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