Senior Neglect: How Can You Tell if Your Senior Might Be Neglecting Herself?

Senior Neglect: Life can get challenging for your aging adult.

She may even start to unintentionally neglect her own self-care. Here are some ways you can spot that happening.


Elderly Care in Grass Valley CA: Senior Neglect

Elderly Care in Grass Valley CA: Senior Neglect


She’s Not Seeing Her Doctor When She Should

Lots of times people have reasons for not going to the doctor for minor issues. But if your elderly family member has chronic health conditions or has developed an emergent health issue, she really does need to talk to her doctor. If she’s not doing that, this may be a sign for you as her family caregiver that she’s neglecting some aspects of her health and self-care. Another sign might be if she’s not taking prescribed medications as she’s supposed to which is another form of senior neglect.


She’s Not Eating Well

You may not know what your elderly family member is eating for every meal, but you can still find hints whether she’s eating well or not. Losing weight without trying to do so is one sign. Lacking energy and seeming to be exhausted all the time can be another. If your senior seems to be dehydrated, that can be another sign that she’s not eating often or as well as she should.


Her Home Is Dirty or Unsafe

When you visit your elderly family member, you’re in a unique position to see how well she’s taking care of her home. Is it safe? Or are there hazards piling up everywhere that you look? Also, if her home isn’t as clean as it’s been before, this is a hygiene issue. It becomes more difficult for older adults to deal with household tasks, especially if they have health issues that are becoming more complicated, too.


Senior Neglect: She’s Not Paying as Much Attention to Basic Hygiene

Besides the hygiene of your senior’s home, pay attention also to how she’s taking care of her own hygiene. If she doesn’t seem to be showering, washing her hair, or taking care of other aspects of personal care, there may be reasons. Even if she’s still bathing, she may be neglecting to change or wash her clothing. All of this can add up to a problem that needs to be addressed.

If your elderly family member is neglecting herself, there’s a reason. It’s important for you and her to talk about what’s happening and to find a solution together. One of the easiest solutions may be to hire elderly care providers so there will be no more senior neglect. They can assist her with anything that has become difficult to keep up with and they can also let you know what else they see happening.


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