Senior Safety: What Is Frailty?

Senior Safety: Many aging adults seem to suddenly become extremely frail and fragile.

Your senior might experience this after an injury or surgery, for instance, or it can happen as a response to something emotional that happened. Many people experience frailty after losing someone they love, for example. Understanding and recognizing frailty is an important part of combatting it and helping your elderly family member to regain some of her strength.


Homecare in Grass Valley CA: Frailty

Homecare in Grass Valley CA: Frailty


Frailty Defined

Frailty or frailty syndrome is a series of symptoms and complications that can develop in your senior as she becomes weaker. She may have less strength and stamina than she used to, but to an extreme degree. She may have difficulty healing from even small wounds. And she may seem to be losing some cognitive abilities. Frailty can come on suddenly or it can gradually occur. No matter how quickly it arrives, it’s really important for you and your senior to take some sort of action.


Symptoms of Frailty

Some of the symptoms of frailty can include:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Difficulty walking
  • Confusion

Not every senior will share the same symptoms of frailty. Often there is one particular difference between now and your senior’s normal behaviors or tendencies that stands out to you and makes you realize that there’s something going on. It’s important not to ignore those nudges when you think something might be wrong.


Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

Talk to your senior’s doctor right away. Describe what you’re seeing and find out what tests can be run if any. There are many other conditions that could be related to or produce similar symptoms as frailty. It’s vital to make sure that you and you’re senior know exactly what she’s up against so that you can prepare properly.


Senior Safety: Put Together a Plan

Treating the underlying causes of your senior’s frailty is crucial, of course, and your senior’s doctor can help you to put together that part of the plan. Your senior likely needs more help now than ever before, too. Bringing in elderly care providers can ensure that your senior is safe, that she’s eating regularly, and that her frailty is not keeping her from engaging in healthy behaviors that could help her to regain some of her strength.

Many people do recover from frailty, but the key rests in making sure that your elderly family member is having her needs met and that there aren’t underlying conditions contributing to the frailty. Senior safety should be your first priority.


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