Seven Tips for Seniors Who Bruise Easily

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Changes in skin structure and blood vessels can leave seniors prone to bruising more often. Medications, changes in nutritional intake, and being unable to manage skincare needs can also contribute to this issue. Seniors and family caregivers may need to be more proactive about finding ways to prevent bruising, including hiring companion care at home for additional help.

Prioritize Gentle Skincare

Senior skincare can’t be the same as it was in the past. Senior skin is more fragile because it’s thinner and there is less fat underneath the skin. Companion care at home can help aging adults take good care of their skin while also ensuring that they’re being as gentle as possible. This can help to significantly reduce bruising.

Work on Hydration

Often seniors aren’t drinking enough hydrating fluids and this can cause lots of problems, not just poor skin health. Proper hydration also supports the health of the circulatory system, including blood vessels, which can help them to be more resistant to damage. Caregivers can help aging adults remember to sip water often as they go about their daily activities.

Focus on Nutrients

Another issue seniors run into is that they’re not eating enough, not eating nutritious foods, or both. Prioritizing foods and meals that are high in nutritional value is important to boost skin health and overall well-being. Home care providers are incredibly helpful with this sort of problem because they’re able to make eating healthier so much easier for aging adults.

Avoid Sun Damage

Skin that is already damaged is more likely to bruise, so it’s important to protect skin as much as possible. In terms of sun damage, that means wearing longer sleeves, pants, and sunblock to protect exposed skin. Spending shorter amounts of time in full sun is also helpful.

Increase Exercise

Exercise might not seem to be a solution related to limiting bruising, but it contributes to overall health. As seniors move more consistently, they improve blood circulation and blood vessel function. This can directly improve the skin’s ability to avoid bruising. Seniors should always talk to their doctors before they start a new plan for exercising, just to make sure they’re safe while doing so.

Medication Reviews

Another conversation for the doctor is whether medications are the right ones for the person taking them. Some medications have side effects that include more bruising. Adjusting dosages or taking different medications can sometimes alleviate these issues, especially if the bruising is painful and causing other problems.

Reduce Friction on Skin

For seniors who bruise incredibly easily, clothing can be part of the problem. Wearing loose clothing and clothing that is soft can help immensely. Companion care at home can also be helpful if getting into clothing is more difficult and can result in bumps and pressure that lead to bruising.

When seniors are experiencing bruises more easily, they must make some changes to help protect their skin. Companion care at home can help seniors have a safe living environment and the help they need to take the best possible care of their skin.

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