Social Seniors – How To Improve Television For Your Senior

Social Seniors: The silent generation of people now in their eighties and nineties may enjoy sitting in a chair quite a bit.

They’ve earned that right. They fought in wars, they rationed food, they sacrificed to lay the groundwork for a more democratic world.

And they might now want to enjoy watching television and listening to the radio or music.

The thing is, televisions are not all created equal. Some are clearly better. And people who have some loss of hearing and/or vision may need some upgraded equipment in order to fully enjoy those John Wayne and Myrna Loy movies.


Home Health Care in Roseville CA: Improve Television

Home Health Care in Roseville CA: Improve Television


Social Seniors: Flat screens with high definition are great for seniors

If your mom or dad is still watching the same fourteen-inch television she bought ten years ago, it might be a great time to give her a better television for her birthday. Or Christmas. Or Easter. Or Valentine’s Day. recommends high-definition TVs that are at least forty-three inches wide, and most of their recommendations are in the fifty to sixty-five-inch range. It’s fairly obvious that the bigger screen and the clearer picture are both more fun to watch, and easier to watch for someone with blurred or reduced vision.

Things to look for in a good television for seniors are:

  • Voice control. Samsung makes smart TVs enabled with voice recognition.
  • Connectivity with wifi.
  • Connectivity with Alexa.
  • Ease of use. often recommends a Roku system.


Social Seniors: Consider An Auxiliary Sound System

The bigger, high-definition television improves the visual aspect of the entertainment. But, for seniors with hearing loss, you may need an improved sound system.

An outboard sound system can make it easier to understand the dialog, which is critical to enjoying television. Experts recommend a TV with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound if you are going to attach speakers.

The use of one or two speakers, external to the television, may enhance the auditory experience because they can be placed closer to the viewer. If mom has one ear that’s much better than the other, placing a speaker near the good ear can enhance her experience.

For other hard-of-hearing TV viewers, wireless headphones may be a blessing. They bring the sound directly to the senior’s ears, and she can crank up the volume without disturbing someone else in the house or the neighbors.

Your senior care aide can help you determine what television and what sound system will work best for your senior. Your senior care pro is well placed to observe whether your senior can follow the dialog or has trouble reading the subtitles. These tips can help you make the best choices for an entertainment system upgrade.

In conclusion, many social seniors fall back on television to brighten their days, especially if they have less mobility than in the past. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure that your parent has a television he or she can optimally enjoy. Consider your parent’s hearing and vision when choosing upgraded appliances.


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