Some Great Stress Relievers for Your Loved One

In-Home Care in Grass Valley

In-Home Care in Grass Valley

Stress can come at any age and for many reasons. It can also affect different people differently. So what may not stress you out may stress your loved one, and vice versa. If your loved one is struggling with increased stress, here are a few tips to help reduce it.

Animal Therapy

For many, spending time with animals can be stress-reducing. Petting a cat or dog, or horseback riding, can calm a racing heart. However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as signing up and paying for a structured pet therapy class. It can be as easy as having someone bring their dog to visit your loved one. If your in-home care provider has a calm dog, then she might bring it over to visit your loved one. Likewise, our in-home care provider, you can bring your loved one to a place with his favorite animals!

Get Moving

Exercise is a great stress reliever. Stress can cause muscles to stay tense, headaches, and digestive issues. A daily 30-minute walk can be exactly what he needs to reduce the effects stress has on his body. A change of scenery can be especially helpful if his stress seems rooted in something around the home, like an unfinished project or pile of laundry.

Ask for Help

Your loved one may just need a little help around the home to reduce his stress. If that pile of laundry is stressing him out because he can’t seem to keep it under control, hiring an in-home care team to visit the home regularly and help with household chores can be a great stress reducer. His in-home care team can also help with meal prep, yard work, or other things that may cause your aging loved one to feel stressed.

Meditate Away the Stress

Your loved one might like to try some meditation or yoga to help him reduce the stress that overwhelms him. Many senior centers or family gyms offer yoga classes specifically for seniors, keeping their physical limitations in mind. If it’s meditating your senior is seeking, look for phone apps that can guide him through the practice of calming his mind.

Join a group

Sometimes it helps talk about it to like-minded people. So, your loved one may just need a safe place to talk about why he’s stressed, without feeling judged or without having someone jump in and try to fix it. If your loved one has always enjoyed talking things through, this might be a great resource for him.

Don’t wait to help your loved one find relief from his stress. Stress can lead to other serious health issues, so helping your loved one find a solution now will prevent future problems.

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