Stress Relief Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Home Care: In the 1970s, the median age of a first-time mom was around 21. In 2017, it was almost 27.

While this doesn’t seem like a significant increase, it leads to new trends in family caregiving. It used to be that women had raised their children by the time their parents were old and in need of assistance. Home Care can be a great help for you to get some respite relief.


 Home Care in Marysville CA: Respite Care

Home Care in Marysville CA: Respite Care


That’s not always the case anymore. Some family caregivers are still raising young children when becoming family caregivers to aging parents. Health issues like early-onset Alzheimer’s find some men and women caring for their children and parents simultaneously. These family carers are known as the sandwich generation.

Being a sandwich generation caregiver is twice as stressful as you feel torn in two directions. Your parents need your help, but your children cannot care for themselves. Who gets your attention? It’s time to learn how to handle the stress you’re experiencing.

Go for Walks

A daily walk is one way to ease stress. If you can get out in nature for that walk, it’s even better. Aim for a walk or hike in the woods or a conservation area. Let the sounds of birds and water and the feel of the sun help ease tension.

Take Deep Breaths

Pay attention to your body. As anxiety and stress increase, you might notice yourself clenching your jaw. Your muscles become tense and even start to ache.

This is a good time to stop and take some deep breaths. The goal is to take a deep breath through the nose and count to five. Concentrate the breath to force your belly to extend. Slowly breathe the air out through your mouth. Do this a few times.

Find Ways to Vent

Vent your frustrations and fears through a journal. Keep a diary and discuss the things that bother you the most. A private online blog is another way to write about the issues stressing you.

Sometimes, it’s best to vent frustration in physical ways. Take kickboxing or karate lessons and burn off pent-up energy in classes or by following online instructional videos. Jump roping and aerobics classes are also suitable for getting rid of tension.

You may want to join a support group for family caregivers. When you surround yourself with other sandwich generation carers, you gain expertise from others who know what you’re experiencing. They may have helpful tips you can use in your daily life.

Home Care: Take a Day Off

When was the last time you had a day to yourself? Can you even remember the last time? It’s time to focus on your needs for self-care. Get other family members to help your parents while you take some time off.

If you don’t have family, there are still ways to get the breaks you need. One is a service where respite care aides take over for you. Call an elder care specialist and ask for respite care prices. Let an elder care aide help your parents while you take a day or two to focus on your mental, emotional, and physical health.


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