Talking to Your Senior about Elder Care Support

Elder Care in Auburn

Elder Care in Auburn

One of the conversations you might have been dreading could be the one with your senior about when it’s time to bring in elder care professionals. Whether you anticipate that she’s going to resist the idea or simply worry that you’re making too much of a small situation, it’s still important to have this talk. Here are some ideas to help.

Take Some Time to Collect Your Thoughts First

Before you and your senior talk, it helps if you have your own thoughts on this situation in order. That might mean taking some time to really go over what you’re concerned about and what you feel the best answer truly is. It’s normal as a family caregiver to worry that you’re overreacting or that you don’t have all of the information. That’s why this conversation is so important.

Put Together a List

It’s a good idea to start putting a list on paper. What exactly are you worried about with your senior? Are you seeing signs that she might need some extra help? Write down some specific details. You don’t want to make your senior feel bad or feel as if you’re critiquing her every move, but you need to have some specific information to talk with her about so that she understands why you feel this is an important move.

Listen to How She’s Feeling

Open up the conversation by reminding your senior that you want her to be safe and happy, and share some of what you’ve written down. The next part is important. If your elderly family member disagrees with you or expresses she doesn’t think she needs help, listen to what she’s telling you. Listen carefully to her reasons and ask her to elaborate. It’s vital that you understand why she either disagrees or feels like this is a good move.

Figure Out if Compromises Might Help

If you’re not yet on the same page about home care services, figure out how far apart you each are. You might be closer than you think. Even better, you might realize that there are some compromises that you can each make that get you on the same page. As long as you’re not feeling as if you’re leaving your senior dealing with unsafe conditions, compromises might not be such a bad idea.

Reassess Periodically

Take the time to talk with your senior as time goes on about what’s working. Ask how you can help her have an even better experience. No situation is perfect right out of the gate, so it’s normal to make adjustments over time. When you take your senior’s feelings into consideration, it helps her to feel better about all of this, too.

Accepting help from caregivers can be a big step for your elderly family member. So take your time with all this if you can. As long as she’s not in an emergency, you might take this whole decision slowly.

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