The Best Ways For Seniors To Avoid Germs At Home

Avoiding Germs: In-Home Senior Care Sacramento CA

Avoiding Germs: In-Home Senior Care Sacramento CA

Germs cause illness, and seniors who are aging at home should be doing everything they can to avoid getting sick. That means killing germs and keeping their homes sanitary should be a priority for seniors. Most seniors could use a little help keeping their homes germ-free and clean.

In-home care for seniors is a great way for seniors to get the help they need making sure their homes are clean, sanitary, and comfortable. Cleaning can be difficult for seniors, especially the kind of deep cleaning seniors may need to prevent serious illnesses like Covid-19. The best way for seniors to avoid household germs is to clean or have in-home care providers assist them.

Clean The Washer Once A Month

When clothes and linens get washed they can deposit dirt and bacteria in the washing machine, especially in front-loading machines that tend to get grimy. Since seniors who have incontinence or bladder or bowel problems may be changing clothes and linens frequently it’s important to clean and sanitize the washing machine at least once a month. There are special anti-bacterial cleaning agents that are safe for washing machines and those should be run through the machine by themselves once a month.

Sanitize Door Knobs and Railings Regularly

Most people don’t think about how often they touch door knobs, door ledges, and stair railings. But seniors may be touching those things many times throughout the day, especially if they have trouble walking and need some extra support. And with family members, in-home care providers, and other people coming through the house all the time it’s very important for seniors to have clean door knobs and stair railings. Wiping those knobs and railings down with a sanitizing wipe several times a day will help seniors stay germ-free.

Get An Air Purifier

A good air purifier is something that every senior should have. Ideally seniors should have an air purifier in every room. But seniors should at least have an air purifier in the living room and bedroom where most of the germs seem to be. Even though an air purifier won’t perfectly sanitize the indoor air it can contribute to keeping seniors healthy by removing allergens and irritants from the area. And an air purifier is also a good way to maintain a good quality for indoor air for seniors that are having respiratory issues or who have been prone to getting sick from germs and allergens.

Sanitize Floors, Don’t Just Mop

Many seniors wear hard soled shoes all day because it gives them better stability and helps them move around the house. Caregivers also wear shoes. So do delivery people, at home doctors, and friends that come to visit your senior loved one. All those visitors leave a lot of grime and bacteria and germs on your floor. In order to keep those germs from spreading throughout the house floors need to be sanitized and not just mopped or washed. A true disinfectant like the ones used in commercial building is a good way to kill germs on floors.

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