Transportation Options for Seniors That Don’t Drive

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If your senior parent is no longer driving, there are many other transportation options to help them get to the doctor, grocery store, salon, or wherever else they need to go. If your senior parent is considering giving up driving, you may want to go over these transportation options with them. Show them that they can give up driving and still always have a way to get around.

Often, family caregivers feel like they need to be available to take their senior parent to appointments or to run errands. That can be stressful for caregivers who work or have small children. But there are lots of other options for senior transportation. If you are taking care of a senior parent who no longer drives, your senior parent can use any of these transportation options to get around:

Elder Care

Elder care for seniors is a great option for seniors who are living alone. Elder care includes transportation services as well as help with things like cleaning, laundry, shopping, and making meals. Seniors can thrive living at home with elder care to support them.

Public Transportation

Depending on where your senior lives, public transportation may be an option for them. Buses and trains usually have discounted fares for seniors. Many cities also have direct routes to senior centers, medical plazas, and other places where seniors need to go.

Rideshare Companies

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become popular choices for seniors who don’t drive. These platforms allow users to request rides through a mobile app, providing a convenient and on-demand solution. Seniors can benefit from door-to-door service without the need for cash transactions, and some platforms even offer accessibility options for those with mobility challenges. Some services offer special accommodations for seniors so that seniors can safely get wherever they want to go.

Senior Transportation Programs

Many communities and nonprofit organizations operate specialized transportation programs for seniors. These services may include door-to-door transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping, or social activities. Volunteers or paid drivers often run these programs, ensuring seniors have reliable assistance.

Community Shuttles

Some neighborhoods or communities have established shuttle services that circulate within specific areas. These shuttles are designed to serve residents who may face mobility challenges. Seniors can utilize these services for local trips, reducing the need for long walks or reliance on family and friends for transportation.


Traditional taxi services remain a viable option for seniors who don’t drive. Taxis provide door-to-door service, and drivers are typically trained to assist passengers with mobility challenges. While it may be a more expensive option than some alternatives, taxis offer flexibility and immediate availability. Seniors can schedule rides ahead with a taxi service if they need to make sure they get to an appointment on time, like a medical appointment.


Neighbors can also be a reliable source of transportation for seniors. If your senior parent no longer drives, a neighbor who is going to the store may take your senior parent with them. Or, if they are going to the gym or to run errands they may not mind if your senior parent tags along. Shopping and doing errands with neighbors can be great for seniors because it gives them reliable transportation and some company.

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