Types of Home Care Services: Talk About Senior Care Services As Soon as Alzheimer’s is Diagnosed

Types of Home Care Services: Currently, 6.2 million men and women over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease.

Those numbers are expected to continue rising to around double by 2050. Your mom has been diagnosed. It’s still in the early stages, but now is the time to talk about the types of Home Care Services that she will need in the months and years to come.


Home Care in Folsom CA: Types of Senior Care Services

Home Care in Folsom CA: Types of Senior Care Services


Housekeeping Services

Your mom won’t have a hard time cleaning at first, but it changes as the disease progresses. She cleans, but she cannot remember what she’s cleaned and where she was heading next. She’ll end up cleaning the same things over and over, which means some areas get ignored. Housekeeping can help her keep up with household chores.

Housekeeping services also help with laundry. There will come the point where your mom cannot do the laundry. She’ll forget to put things into the dryer. That means damp clothes sit around and get musty. She’ll have to rewash them, but the cycle repeats. With a caregiver helping out, things get washed and dried.

Meals and Shopping

Many people with Alzheimer’s crave sugary foods early into the disease. Your mom feeds herself, but she eats the same things over and over. She likes cookies, yogurt, and granola bars. That’s all she eats if you don’t push her into eating something healthier.

Caregivers can cook her meals and snacks and make sure she eats them. Then, the caregiver can drive her to the store and help her shop for the things she needs. Shopping assistance ensures she’s not ending up with eight bottles of dish soap and keeps forgetting the eggs.


Your mom’s doctor will ask the family to take away your mom’s keys. She may forget where she is and get lost. She can’t drive herself anymore. Instead, family members and friends need to drive her to stores, restaurants, and medical appointments. Caregivers can do this, too.

Types of Home Care Services: Why Start Early?

Why should you consider arranging senior care now? Your mom will start to forget people as the disease worsens. The sooner she becomes familiar with her senior care aide, the easier it is for her to adjust. If you wait until she can’t remember the people she meets, it’s going to be harder for everyone.

Talk to a senior care specialist about your mom’s diagnosis and what types of Home Care Services they can assist with. Let her be part of the decision-making process and interviews. It’s a stressful time, and it will help if you have experts helping you with the different stages of Alzheimer’s.


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