What Does Companion Care Look Like?

Companion Care at Home in Auburn CA

Do you worry that your aging loved one spends too much time alone? Getting older often results in having fewer people around to join you in your favorite activities. As a caregiver, even if you live near your aging loved one, you may easily find you don’t have the time on your hands to be there for her all the time with the other responsibilities you’re trying to balance.

Whether your loved one shares with you that she is lonely or whether she’s not complained at all but you notice that she rarely has company anymore, hiring a companion care at home provider might be a good choice to increase your loved one’s ability and desire to participate in activities that will enrich her life.

Companion care at home can be both in the home and the community. Let’s look at four ways a companion care at home provider might be the right choice for your loved one.


If your loved one is finding herself bored throughout the day, a companion care at home provider can help her find more ways to enjoy her day. They might come to the home to play her favorite game with her. They can sit and enjoy a long cup of coffee out on the porch. Or listen to the stories she has to share. Some activities at home are simply better when there is someone there to enjoy them with. That’s where a companion care at home provider can step in.


While simply having a companion care at home provider visit regularly will help your loved one socialize, they can also help your loved one attend social events. For some people, attending a concert or seeing a movie alone can seem daunting and maybe even unpleasant. Having someone join them for those types of outings can make them fun. They’ll get to share the experience together.

Physical Activity

A companion care at home provider can also be a great resource as a person to help your loved one get out and get moving. If motivation is lacking, knowing that someone is coming specifically to go for a walk or to help in the garden is a great incentive for your loved one to keep up with those activities. A companion care at home provider will give gentle encouragement to keep your loved one motivated.

Cognitive Care

Just having a conversation, having to remember names and places, and learning new things can help keep the brain sharp. Daily interactions with people help your loved one work out her cognitive functions and prevent a loss of cognitive function. If she wants to boost it up a bit, she can ask her companion care at home to join her in games that keep the brain working like chess, trivia, or almost any other board game.

Having a companion care at home provider for your aging loved one can be a wonderful addition to your care team.

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