What to Expect from Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance in Auburn CA

Home care assistance is a service providing senior adults with support as they age at home. It also provides family caregivers with much-needed breaks. What can you expect from a home care assistant?

Companionship for Your Mom

A home care assistant doesn’t have to do more than keep your mom company. She may feel lonely and isolated living alone. Her caregiver can keep her company by playing games, watching movies, or going on outings.

Your mom’s caregiver can join her on walks around town or take her shopping.

Helping Hand with Difficult Care Tasks

Some of your mom’s care needs are difficult for her. She doesn’t feel comfortable relying on you to help her wash her body when showering. It’s often easier to have a caregiver help with those care needs.

It eases her discomfort with needing help with intimate personal care routines, and it may help you feel more comfortable when you know you’re not responsible for those tasks. As this eases stress for you both, it’s better for your mental and physical health.

Reminders to Ensure She’s Taking Care of Herself

Your mom’s caregiver reminds her to have enough to eat and drink throughout the day. If she needs help cooking meals, her caregiver can prepare them and clean the kitchen after the meal.

When it’s time for one or more of the pills your mom’s doctor prescribed, her caregiver can remind her if she needs to take them with water, milk, or food. She has guidance as to what pills she needs to take and how many.

Breaks for You

You can take breaks when your mom has a home care assistant spending time at her home. You’ve helped out all week and need time for yourself.

Respite care is the service you need. It gives you a break and allows you the chance to go visit friends, sleep in, or spend time with your spouse, partner, or children.

Sit down with your mom and any other family caregivers and come up with a list of questions you have about home care assistance. An advisor will go over them and help you get started.

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