Why Eating Breakfast is Best for Seniors

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Most of us have grown up knowing the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But many people skip breakfast or grab a quick granola bar to hold them over to lunch. For seniors especially, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for several reasons. Encouraging your elderly loved one to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast will help her increase her odds of better health.

Reason 1: It starts the day.

For the elderly, starting their day may seem like a slow process that never really gets going. Without kids to get off to school, a job to arrive at, or other commitments, morning becomes this long-drawn-out time period where nothing much gets done. While for many this seems lovely (and it is while on vacation), for daily living, having a schedule and a purpose for your mornings provides a sense of self-worth and meaning. Those feelings help combat illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Waking up each day and making a healthy breakfast a part of that routine can help your loved one be alert and feel positive for the rest of her day.

Reason 2: It’s a great time to consume calories.

If your loved one has noticed a lack of appetite as she ages, making sure she gets some healthy calories consumed during breakfast is one way to keep her on track for getting the nutrients she needs to maintain good health. Some great ideas for nutrient-rich calories are eggs, oatmeal, and Greek yogurt. You can also help her by having her home care provider help with preparing egg bakes. These can be reheated each morning or preparing some overnight oats that are ready when your loved one gets up. If your home care provider visits early in the morning, she can help with preparing a good breakfast at that time.

Reason 3: It prevents unhealthy cravings later.

When breakfast is skipped, glucose levels drop and the next thing your loved one knows, she’s starving at 11 a.m. but it’s not time for lunch yet. This combination may cause her to grab a candy bar to hold her over to lunch or a donut. Both of these have plenty of calories but no nutritional benefit. They also have plenty of unhealthy ingredients that may cause other health issues if eaten regularly. With a healthy breakfast each day, glucose levels stay stable, and intense cravings disappear.

Reason 4: It can prevent diabetes.

Speaking of glucose levels, breaking that overnight fast (ie: break-fast) stabilizes those blood sugars, eliminating the spikes and drops that can lead to type 2 diabetes. It will also help her equally spread out her daily consumed calories, keeping those glucose levels consistent all day long.

Even if your loved one isn’t a big breakfast eater, encourage her to start her day with at least a small breakfast. She can have her home care provider boil some eggs. Then she can have a hard-boiled egg and some whole wheat toast each morning. Or a nice cup of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. She’ll soon feel the benefits of having breakfast every day.

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